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PCBC Presents: The Re-Think Conference

June 28 & 29 | San Diego, CA

Why change from the PCBC Main Conference to the Re-Think Conference?
The format of the program has changed considerably, so we wanted to help signal that change with a new name. Re-Think reflects a core value that’s long fueled PCBC’s offerings, which is a desire to question assumptions, reject “because it’s always been done that way” thinking, and seek innovative solutions from sources both inside and outside the homebuilding industry. (Plus, “Main Conference” just didn’t capture the energy and excitement of what PCBC has to offer.)

What’s new for 2017?
What’s not new is the mixture of speakers, where industry experts are combined with voices from other businesses whose success we can learn from. That’s been a hallmark of the conference for 20-plus years. What is new is the way we’re structuring the program in order to make that mixture even more pronounced and potent.

Wednesday’s program is all about big picture trends in the economy, demographics, technology, and consumer desires, with an emphasis on how businesses can be more fluid and adaptable in response to them. It will be held in a general session format, meaning all attendees will hear from all of the speakers, with a facilitator who will help connect the dots back to homebuilding.

Thursday is the drill-down, with topical breakout sessions led by industry experts across three disciplines: marketing, design and business management. This is where Wednesday’s trends will be applied to case studies and best practices in homebuilding.

What are the benefits of the new structure?
We think the new structure will help attendees process—and, more importantly, apply—what they’re learning more effectively. It’s a progression of content, moving from the abstract to the concrete.

It also provides a distinct learning experience on each day, and variety is stimulating. Also, if you’re only able to be out of the office for a single day, this format makes it easier to determine which type of content will serve you and your company best—Wednesday’s big picture trends or Thursday’s practical applications.

Will there be mainly out-of-industry speakers or mainly housing pros speaking?
One way to look at the mix is that it’s about 60% housing pros, 30% out-of-industry, and 10% who straddle the two worlds; they don’t consider themselves developers, but their work has everything to do with placemaking and development.

That combination felt like the right balance of introducing new, unexpected vantage points, while still keeping the program rooted in the practical realities of the homebuilding business. Our goal is to help attendees engage in lateral thinking, which is that space where new insights are more likely to occur because you’re seeing familiar challenges in a whole new way—something that’s almost impossible when you’ve got your head down and you’re consumed by the urgencies of the moment.

Will PCBC still offer education on business, design, operations and marketing?
Definitely. All of the content in Re-Think revolves around the disciplines of design, marketing, business management, and the synergies of all of these working together, which we think of as the ingredients of operational excellence. If those are the deliverables you’ve sought from PCBC in the past, you’ll get all of that and more from Re-Think.

I liked the Passport option—it allowed me to listen in on other worlds outside my own focus. Can I still register with that and jump around from The Re-Think Conference, Land and Capital Forum and Multifamily Trends Forum?
Absolutely. The Passport registration gives you access to all of these sessions.

Why are Land and Capital and Multifamily Trends now called forums when last year they were education tracks within the conference?
A Forum refers to an educational offering that’s targeted to a particular group or discipline—a vertical experience, where attendees can focus on the subject or the cohort that’s most relevant to them. The Re-Think Conference, by contrast, spans multiple subjects and is designed to be a cross-disciplinary learning experience.

Are all the keynotes open to all, or are there keynotes just for conference attendees?
Keynote sessions are open to all attendees and exhibitors. This includes the morning keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday, plus the afternoon keynote at the end of the day on Thursday.

This year’s theme is “Age of Exceptional”—how does that relate to the education presented?
The Age of Exceptional signals both an era of profound technological advances and an ever-increasing desire among consumers for products and experiences that are unique and meaningful. We’re exploring Mars and preparing for self-driving cars and 3D-printing objects in our living rooms that previously only came from factories. This year’s education is all about understanding these unprecedented shifts, embracing the opportunities that they represent, being agile and adaptable in the midst of dizzying change, and delivering on consumers’ demand for different.

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