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Thank You for your Interest in Becoming a Media Partner with PCBC!

PCBC draws nearly 10,000 participants, attracting industry influencers and key decision makers among residential builders, developers, architects, building scientists, lenders, investors, marketers and product manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, PCBC is the official annual event for the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) and the Leading Builders of America.

Our Media Partner Program promotes value, barter-only relationships with qualified print and digital media outlets who offer relevant news and editorial content targeting the residential housing market.

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Program Policies

  • All Media Partners will receive an Exhibits-only Pass code that enables them to invite subscribers and VIP guests to register for free admission to the PCBC Exhibits, a value of $95.00.
  • Acceptance to Media Partner Program requires a valid media kit.
  • All elements must have a dollar value and be presented in media kit to be accepted in barter.
  • PCBC prohibits the resale of any elements provided in barter to media partners to other sponsors, advertisers or partners without prior written consent.
  • PCBC does not engage in barter relationships for editorial coverage of the Show or any of its constituents.
  • PCBC does not accept advertising from media partners that promotes your conference and exhibition events, whether you own or represent them. Media Partners can only barter for one (1) regular publication bin per publication title.
  • All publication titles must be registered as an official Media Partner.
  • PCBC reserves the right to review all Partner content submitted for exposure to Show audiences. Inappropriate content will not be accepted or used.

Recommended Barter Offerings

PCBC barters with print and digital media outlets to receive advertising exposure that encourages attendance to the event. PCBC is interested in your publishing company offering:

  • Dedicated emails to your subscriber lists with a free PCBC exhibits pass offer
  • Placement of a PCBC Banner ad in your eNewsletter
  • Placement of a PCBC Banner ad on your publication’s website
  • Event calendar listing of PCBC Show on your site with our logo and link
  • Placement a full-page print ad for PCBC Show in your magazine’s print edition
  • Placement of a full-page print ad for PCBC Show in your magazines’ digital edition

Note: all elements offered to PCBC in barter must be presented in a published media kit and have an associated dollar value.

When to Run PCBC Show Advertising


Note: Print ads must run prior to May 15th unless publication is weekly or daily.

Apply to become a media partner (PDF)

For more information:

PCBC Media Partner Contact
Julianne Sturdivant
PCBC Marketing and Communications
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.