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2017 Show Homes & Displays

American Standard

Motion Mobile Experience from LIXIL

Three brands—American Standard, DXV, and GROHE—come together in a mobile showroom experience full of innovative and beautiful products. Celebrating the numerous designs and collections from each of these industry leaders, the “Beauty in Motion” mobile showroom provides full access to see, touch, and try the products in person. The mobile exhibitions will be traveling to select cities.

To stay apprised of the tour’s local visits, go to our website: 



The Flex House, presented by Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics

Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics present the Flex House, highlighting the concept of “Right-Sized” living in a small, flexible space that is completely connected, intelligent, healthy, resilient and sustainable. “Right-Sized” living doesn’t just refer to square footage. It also means having the flexibility to adapt your home to your evolving lifestyle and consuming only the natural resources that you need—no more, no less.

Creatively conceived, the Flex House allows homebuyers to design a home that matches their specific living needs by selecting from a menu of pre-fabricated modules. Work from home? Get the office module. Expecting kids? No problem—add more bedroom modules. Want an outdoor patio with a living wall? The Flex House has you covered! The Flex House boasts a fully integrated smart + solar system, run on an advanced smart home hub platform that connects with the ecosystem of smart home and solar technologies. The house is fully independent—it serves as its own microgrid, producing all of its own energy.


OSI® Roadshow Trailer

Learn More About New QUAD® MAX and the QUAD® Window & Door Installation System.

Look for OSI® Roadshow Trailer at PCBC. Because wherever the battle happens, OSI will be there with products that stand up to the elements and reduce risk for the professionals they were built for. See the new products that demonstrate how OSI just keeps getting tougher. QUAD® MAX interior and exterior siding, window caulk delivers the toughness that really makes a job last. By providing superior protection against air and moisture, it gives you zero reasons to worry about a job once you've done it right the first time.

QUAD® MAX is color matched to leading siding and window manufacturers' color palettes to ensure the perfect match every time. QUAD® MAX is a professional sealant for window, door, and siding that offers maximum durability and maximum application performance for use in any condition.