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The High Performance Home Theater

The energy efficiency requirements of new California homes increased significantly at the start of this year through the introduction of aggressive yet flexible 2016 Title 24 Standards mandating High Performance Walls and Attics. At the High Performance Home Theater, PCBC is creating a valuable educational event on the show floor that will feature 20-minute presentations each day and access to top experts that can help builders understand and comply with these changing codes.

            Wednesday, June 28
10:30-10:50   What is the 2016 Code and Where Are We On the Pathway to ZNE
VCA; Presenter: Moe Fakih, President, VCA

The Role of Lighting Controls and Home Energy Management Systems in Title 24
Schneider Electric; Presenters: Wayne Stoppelmoor, Manager, Industry Standards, Schneider Electric, and Michael Jouaneh, Manager – Sustainability and Energy Standards, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

11:30-11:50     High Performance Attics Using Spray Polyurethane Foam in Unvented Attics
Accella Polyurethane Systems, LLC; Presenter: Dan Varvais, West Coast Regional Manager,
Accella Polyurethane Systems, LLC
1:30-1:50    Johns Manville Solutions for High Performance Walls in California
Johns Manville; Presenter: Francis (JR) Babineau, Building Scientist, Johns Manville

HPA/HPW Options for Title 24
Steve Easley & Associates; Presenter: Steve Easley, Principal, Steve Easley & Associates

2:30-2:50       The Role of Solar PV today and in the Future for Code Compliance
SunPower; Presenter: Matt Brost, Sr. Director of Sales, New Homes, SunPower
3:00-3:20    HVAC for ZNE Homes
Ingersoll Rand; Presenter: Jeff Tyminski, Portfolio Leader, Ingersoll Rand
            Thursday, June 29
10:30-10:50   HP+TM Building Enclosure Systems – Affordable Solutions for Title 24 and Beyond
BASF Corporation; Presenter: Chris Rosemond, Construction Science Architect, BASF Corporation
11:00-11:20 Complying with the Energy Code 2016 and Beyond
Gabel Energy; Presenter: Gina Rodda, Principle/Owner, Gabel Energy
11:30-11:50     Solving the Challenge for Builders: Window Installation with Continuous Insulation
ThermalBuck, LLC; Presenter: John Brooks, President, BRINC Building Products
1:30-1:50    Educating the Workforce
Consol; Presenter: Dan Krekelberg, Senior Project Manager, Consol
2:00-2:20    Window Solutions for High Performance Homes
Sierra Pacific Windows; Presenter: Cortney Weeks, San Diego Regional Manager, Sierra Pacific Windows
2:30-2:50       Indoor Air Quality. Mechanical Ventilation Code Solutions
Air King America; Presenter: Trina Scott, Vice President, Air King America
3:00-3:20    Envelope First – Continues Insulation the Rmax Solution
Rmax a Sika Company; Presenter: Larry Shelton, Western Regional Manager, Rmax a Sika Company

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