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The Gold Nugget Awards are the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the nation and a centerpiece of PCBC.  Recognizing those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development, Gold Nugget Awards are open to builders, developers, architects, and land planners with communities and projects in the United States and ALL international countries.  

Gold Nugget Awards winners share one common denominator: excellence and innovation in addressing complex design/build issues.

The Legacy

The Gold Nugget Awards were born in 1963 at American Builder, for many years a national magazine of the building industry. They were conceived expressly for PCBC, to recognize builder/developer excellence throughout the United States and Internationally. Almost immediately, the Gold Nuggets became known as "Best In The West," an accurate description of their trend-setting qualities and geographic reach.  Gold Nugget honors not only housing designs, but also commercial, recreational and land planning achievements. In addition, Gold Nugget was also the first to accord full honors to the architect/planning team, as well as to the builder/developer of a winning project.


Gold Nugget judges are renowned for integrity and diversity. Panels always include some of the finest architects, planners and builders in the industry. Nationally recognized marketing and market research consultants, publishers and senior editors complete the roster each year, ensuring fair attention and analysis for each entrant.


A Gold Nugget win generates publicity for the entire team, through excellent, nation-wide coverage by BUILDER magazine, and a growing number of major metropolitan newspapers. Professional assistance for entrants and agencies who contact Gold Nugget headquarters further strengthens publicity efforts made on behalf of all winners.


Thanks to its unique Advisory Committee, the Gold Nugget Awards program responds thoughtfully to changing realities. Meeting at least once yearly, the Advisory Committee includes a cross-section of industry professionals. Many have judged Gold Nugget and other awards programs. Because of their judicious efforts, categories and requirements are continually refined, fresh opportunities are made available to prospective entrants and entry processes are simplified.

The Innovations

In concert with executive leaders of PCBC, the Gold Nugget Advisory Committee has inaugurated changes that sustain Gold Nugget's reputation as the competition that defines the leading edge—changes often copied by other programs. Among them:

Pacific Rim—since 1991, Gold Nugget territory has encompassed all countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean. Expanding "Best in the West" to such countries as Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Thailand, this inclusive approach acknowledges the growing ties between the U.S. and Pacific Rim countries, and sharpens the competition itself.

International Countries — the Gold Nugget Advisory Committee has expanded the international eligibility to encompass any, and all, international countries.

Home of The Year — this discretionary honor showcases the single design with the most impact and merit for the industry. Introduced in 1978, Gold Nugget was the first awards competition to feature Home of The Year honors.

International Housing Awards — introduced in 1991, the Gold Nugget Awards has recognized projects through this discretionary honor, showcasing the merit and significance of international designs.

Judges Special Award of Excellence — Gold Nugget launched the Judges Special in 1978, and is the first competition to offer such an award. The purpose: to properly recognize projects that may not fit standard categories, but deserve notice by the industry and public. Social relevance frequently plays a role, as do innovation and design distinction.

Affordable Housing—achievements in affordability have been honored since 1978.

Green Building and Sustainable Projects — recognizing energy conserving designs, particularly those which avoid or reduce the use of mechanical equipment.

Builders Community Spirit Award — recognizing various philanthropic efforts made by the building community on behalf of the less fortunate.

For more information on the Gold Nugget Awards, please contact:

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Gold Nugget Awards
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